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    Designed to create a comfortable environment and be easy to maintain, our air conditioners are versatile cooling systems.

    Air Conditioners


    Andely air conditioners were created to provide better cooling with excellent energy efficiency. We have Fan & Coil wall type, eductable type and cassette type for cold water. The capacities that are currently handled range from 400CFM to 2000CFM.

    The maintenance of all our air conditioning units is simple. On select models it is possible to remove the front panel for ease of maintenance. We sought to give greater flexibility of installation to all units.

    Some of our air conditioning units are remotely controllable and have an LED display. We seek to make our silent and small equipment to fit any space. Some of our models have an optional extended drainage tray to better protect your roof. In Andely we seek to provide effective cooling solutions. Request a quote today.