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    Lightness, durability and low maintenance, our pre-insulated air ducts are the perfect solution for avant-garde buildings that require high performance pipelines.



    Our exclusive pre-insulated ducts ensure a perfect pre-insulated insulation thanks to the fact that the panels are covered with an aluminum layer that functions as a light insulator. They are perfect for those constructions that have limited space and weight. These panels weigh less than a seventh of what traditional ducts weigh. Due to its ease of installation and manufacturing it is possible to build the pipelines directly on the site.

    The air ducts made with Andely pre-insulated panels do not need maintenance and only lose 6% their insulating properties after 25 years. This, coupled with its excellent insulation that guarantees a temperature loss up to 30% lower than with traditional ducts, makes Andely pre-insulated ducts an unbeatable option.

    The bacteriostatic properties of aluminum prevent the growth of bacteria on the outside of the ducts. One of our great advantages is the antimicrobial panels, which help destroy pathogens and prevent their reproduction. The pre-insulated anti-microbial panels from Andely are the only ones in the world that are certified by numerous research entities and their effectiveness is guaranteed for 10 years.