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  • FCD Ductable

    Con diversas capacidades y termostato inteligente, FCD Ductable es el accesorio perfecto para crear un sistema de enfriamiento eficaz.


    FCD Ductable

    • Fan & Coil Variable
    • Capacities 400, 600, 800, 1000 and 1200 CFM
    • Voltage 120/1/60
    • Available in 4 cold rows, 3 cold rows and 1 row heating
    • Variable Centrifugal fan (EC motor)
    • Auxiliary Condensate Tray for Valves
    • Digital Intelligent Thermostat with 5 Schedule / 7 Days Programming
    • Proportional 2-way valve with Actuator included
    • Modbus / Lonworks / BACnet connection
    • Electrical Heat
    • Thermostat cable length 7.5 m
    • Adsil protection
    • Quick water inlet and outlet connections
    • Filter and filter box

    The Fan Coil Diffuser Ductable has different capacities: 400, 600, 800, 1000, 1200, 1300, 1600 and 2000 CFM and is available in four coolers cold or three rows cold and one row heating. Its voltage is 120/1/60. It has a Modbus / Lonworks connection. It is an accessory of air conditioning and very complete cooling systems.

    Your digital intelligent thermostat can program up to five times for seven days and has a variable centrifugal fan (EC motor). The cooling system FCD Ductable allows us to control the temperature of several spaces at once. It has a proportional 2-way valve with actuator and a filtering and filter box.