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  • AHU Air Handler

    Una manejadora de aire hidrónica que completará tu sistema de enfriamiento


    AHU Air Handler

    • EC fans
    • Capacity of 3, 4 and 5 Tons.
    • Voltage 220/1/60
    • Multipositions – Horizontal and Vertical (Vertical configuration of flow up or down)
    • Electric Heat **
    • Modbus / Lonworks connection (Accessory) **
    • Adsil coating
    • AC fan **


    Andely created a highly efficient Hydronic Air Handling Unit equipped with EC fans and three different capacities: 3, 4 and 5 tons. It is multipositions since it can be placed vertically or horizontally and change the flow configuration up or down. It has Electric Heat and an Adsil coating, which guarantees that the equipment is protected against corrosion, eliminates the need to constantly polish metals and facilitates the cleaning of the equipment, which helps to protect the investment in the air handling unit. We want to provide solutions in cooling systems of high performance and easy maintenance.


    ** As optional we have:

    * Electric Heat

    * Modbus / Lonworks connection

    * ACS coating

    * AC fan