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    Un fan and coil tipo ductable para agua fría con ventilador de tres velocidades que garantiza poco ruido.



    • Fan & Coil type ductable for Cold Water
    • Capacities of 400 – 2000 CFM
    • 3-speed fan to overcome a wide range of air pressures (12Pa – 30 Pa – 50 Pa)
    • Patented design to prevent noise caused by fans
    • Security electric heater, factory installation is optional
    • Optional extended drainage tray to better protect your roof
    • The air return plenum and filter are standard
    • Left or right connections
    • Fresh air supply makes life more healthy and comfortable

    Our fan and coil ductable cold water air conditioner has a patented design to overcome a wide range of air pressures, from 12Pa to 50Pa. The capacity is 400 – 2000 CFM and it has a three speed fan. His exclusive design helps prevent the noise caused by fans and helps us to provide fresh air to our spaces. His air return plenum and filter are standard.


    Like the rest of our air conditioners, Ductable guarantees excellent performance and energy savings. In this model we care about protecting your roof, which is why we offer an optional extended drainage tray for this function. It has right or left connections. Andely air conditioners are a guarantee of quality.