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  • Glycon

    The machine is used for cleaning hydraulic circuits, exchangers, molds, thermoregulators almost totally obstructed by sarro-lime deposits


    If the circuit is infested with algae or other microorganisms with the GLYCON, optimal results are achieved by circulating the additive capable of combating them

    • Easy handling and cleaning
    • Powerful pump
    • Pump inlet filter
    • Integrated hose reel
    • Fill level control

    Main Features:

    • Pump body, valve body, tank in acid-resistant thermoplastic material
    • Fully automatic and programmable operation
    • Quick descaling (using our water softener), even at low concentrations (10-15%).
    • Possibility to easily decalcify exchangers, moles, refrigerated tanks, evaporation towers, temperature control units, boilers and hydraulic circuits in general, even almost completely blocked.


    The machine is suitable for circulating any type of descaler, it can be aggressive or slightly corrosive to metals. Naturally, the use of these products are of your choice, for this reason we do not assume any responsibility for damages resulting from the use of these products with our machine.

    We have selected on the international market a product that, using the indicated percentages, only reacts in the presence of calcium carbonate, is almost harmless on the skin, does not attack metals, rubber or Teflon gaskets.

    At the end of the processing when it is exhausted it is quietly disposable in the drainage pipes