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  • Cassette 1 Way

    Aire acondicionado tipo Fan & Coil que brinda excelente rendimiento y mejor enfriamiento


    Cassette 1 Way

    • Fan & Coil type Casette 1 Way for Cold Water
    • Capacity of 400 and 600 CFM
    • Available in different sizes
    • Voltage 220/1/60
    • Space saving, 153 mm height
    • AC fan motor
    • Remote control included

    The Casde 1 way of Andely air conditioner has a capacity of 400-600 cubic feet per minute and provides a smooth air flow with less turbulence and in one direction. Thanks to that unidirectional operation, the air conditioning has a better performance that guarantees better cooling. It has a 4-speed AC fan motor and a built-in drain pump that can overcome up to 750mm of water column. It measures only 153mm in height, which helps to minimize the space occupied. It is a Fan & Coil type one-way cassette for cold water.

    Casette 1 Way is an air conditioning unit that is available in different sizes and has a voltage of 220/1/60. It is an optimal cooling system with greater installation flexibility.