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    High efficiency with low operating costs to achieve perfect cooling. Our chillers are modular and have different capacities to suit all industries.



    What is a chiller? His translation is coolers and these are used inside a process where it is required to cool some material, the chiller takes water and passes it through a system within which there are heat exchangers, the system will draw air from the outside to transfer heat to the pipes which at the same time will transfer heat to the water which as a result will give cold water at the exact temperature that our process needs.

    We create high performance chillers to provide cooling solutions to Mexican industries. Our mission is to create cooling systems of the highest quality and comply with international regulations and certifications, focusing on being compatible with environmentally friendly constructions. Andely chillers are designed to have a high performance in terms of energy consumption.

    We handle water and air chillers in different capacities with modular configuration and excellent connectivity. We offer everything from basic chillers models to high efficiency premium tonnage models, configurable to your needs.

    We modernize our cooling systems in order to make them remotely controllable from a compatible smartphone or tablet. Select models of Andely chillers have a touch screen for easy control.

    How does a chiller work?

    The water that is required to cool circulates through an exchanger.

    This flow of water will transmit its heat to the flow of the refrigerant, since these are separated by the wall of the tube. The refrigerant, upon receiving the heat, evaporates due to its characteristics and to the low evaporation pressure.

    The refrigerant is extracted by the compressor, which sends it compressed to the condenser. In this process, the refrigerant is heated by the effect of compression and heat of the compressor motor. The hot gas from the compressor enters the condenser, where its heat is transmitted to a cooling medium, which may be water or air. The extracted heat causes the refrigerant to condense at high pressure. The refrigerant in high pressure liquid state can be stored or sent directly to the expansion valve for injection into the evaporator and thus restart the cycle. The equipment that is mainly used to cool water is usually called chiller, although it can cool other fluids.