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    We have everything you need to optimize your pipelines and maintain cooling systems of all industries.


    In Andely we have everything necessary to improve and give a long life to your cooling systems. We create profiles and accessories to join the ducts, the air treatment unit and other HVAC equipment always taking into account the high pressures. We have profiles for the union of the panels, which will help to form hermetic ducts to maximize the performance of the air flow and avoid the loss of temperature. To optimize the ducts, we have developed specialized sealants, specialized glues and adhesive seals.

    The inspection hatches with light for pre-insulated ducts in 230mm and removable glass are essential and were designed and made according to the current standards of duct cleaning, looking for the most effective way to clean the installation in any direction.

    Our system of reinforcements for pre-insulated pipelines has reinforcement tubes, fixation arrangement, discs and screws treated with Antimicrobial.