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  • Circular Pre-Insulated Pipes

    Especialmente diseñados para ser estéticos, nuestros ductos circulares dan armonía entre los sistemas de HVAC y las construcciones.


    Circular Pre-Insulated Pipes

    Our circular ducts are the only Pre-insulated pipelines available in the market. Thanks to the high density polyurethane foam and aluminum coating it is impressively  possible to guarantee its insulating properties, as well as its lightness and its bacteriostatic properties. Due to the circular and aesthetic nature it is possible to integrate the system inside the space in a harmonic way.

    Its materials make these ducts a lightweight system, which makes it easy to transport, handle, assemble and maintain. It is possible to manufacture the ducts directly in the desired place. Their lightness makes them perfect for issues that have weight or space restriction.

    Due these panels are already isolated they take less installation time and less volume than traditional ones. They require minimal maintenance and are more economical and efficient in the long term.

    Circular Pre-Insulated Pipes