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  • CA – IV

    Excelente chiller enfriado por aire de 3-10 toneladas.


    CA – IV

    High efficiency with low operating costs to achieve perfect cooling. Our chillers are modular and have different capacities to suit all industries.

    • Air Cooled Chiller
    • Capacities of 3,5, 6, 8 and 10 Ton.
    • Modular configuration up to 25 Tons.
    • Micro Digital Controller
    • Structure with horizontal discharge
    • Inverter / Fixed Scroll Compressors
    • Voltage 220/1/60 • Voltage 220/3/60 • Voltage 440/3/60
    • Available in Cold and Heat Pump
    • Modbus / BACnet / Lonworks connection (Accessory)
    • Axial Fixed and Variable Ventilator • Flow Balance Valve
    • Refrigerant R410a
    • AHRI certification
    • ETL Certification (In process)
    • Adhesil coating
    • Flow Restriction Valve
    • Painting 1500 hrs. Saline Chamber
    • Heat Recovery *
    • Ultrasonic Flow Sensor
    • Pumping Module (Variable / Fixed)
    • Meets ASHRAE 90.1
    • Team prepared for LEED Projects
    • Vertical Download **


    CA-IV is an air-cooled chiller with various capacities, ranging from 3,000 kilograms to 10,000 kilograms. Due it is a modular chiller, it has the opportunity to expand to a capacity of 25 tons if combined with other CA-IV. It has Scroll Inverter / Fixed compressors and fixed and variable axial fan. It is equipped with an ultrasonic flow sensor and a variable / fixed pumping module.

    The vertical discharge is an option to add for the CA-IV chiller. It is available in cold and heat pump. In the area of ​​connectivity, it has Modbus, BACnet and Lonworks connections. The 10 tons CA-IV modular chiller is protected by an ACS coating that guarantees that the equipment will not suffer corrosion for up to three years even in the most extreme conditions.

    All our chillers have AHRI certification, which guarantees maximum efficiency and energy saving. In the case of the CA-IV chiller, the ETL certification is in process. This certification ensures compliance with international electrical safety standards for cooling systems. Meets the requirements of ASHRAE 90.1. Buy Andely equipment is a guarantee of quality, durability and high performance.