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    We produce and sell metal insulating panels for roof and facade of buildings, agricultural, civil and cold rooms, we have a team of experts to meet the functional and productive aesthetic needs


    We have different types of Panels:

    Cover Panels Double metal cladding panel with rigid polyurethane or polyisocyanurate foam insulation as required, for roofs with a minimum slope of 5%. External sheet profiled on 4 ridges to increase resistance to static and dynamic loads. Fixing is visible with fixing clips with trim. It is also used to cover facades.

    Double metal cladding facade panels with rigid polyurethane or polyisocyanurate foam insulation as required. The tongue and groove joint is concealed with a through screw. External face available in Plissé, Box and Piano profiling. The internal face in profiled Box, in PVC finish. We recommend using the PVC finish on both sides for internal walls only. The fitting allows a better union between pieces, as well as a better fixation in ceiling.

    Floor Panels works as insulation in construction elements where it is required to add thermal insulation capacity, such as under firm or refrigerated chamber floors, as well as in concrete slabs, or composite roofs. This panel can be produced in PUR and PIR foam.